Get To Know Your Audience Through Website Metrics

Website metrics are ideal if you want to learn more about your target audience, so you can create laser-focused marketing campaigns.

If you want to get to know your audience, then you’ll be glad to know that it is very easy to do this through website metrics.

Google Analytics is your best friend here, and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to access all of the information you need for your campaign through the dashboard. Want to find out more? Simply look below.

Audience Targeting

How To Access Your Audience Metrics Through Google Analytics


If you want to access your metrics through Google Analytics, then follow the below steps:
· Sign into Analytics
· Navigate to View
· Open your Reports
· Select Audience

You can have around 50 audiences published through your analytics account. The metrics will tell you the acquisition, the amount of users an audience is sending to you, and how well they are at helping you to acquire new business. You also have the behavior metric, which helps you to know how well your site engages users. The conversion metric gives you the chance to know whether or not users are completing the transactions and goals, and if they are generating the revenue at a pace that works for you.

Understanding Your Audience And Creating Personas

Audience Targeting

If you want to understand your audience and if you want to try and create a persona, then you need to look at the reports. If you look at the demographic overview tab on Google Analytics, or within your website metric section, then this will show you the age and the gender of your users. You can also see a breakdown of the age and gender.


If you can access this information through your analytics tab, then this will help you to create a persona. For example, you may be trying to target males who are aged between 20 and 35 if you are selling games consoles through your site. You may also want to make sure that they are tech-savvy and heavily focused on entertainment and gaming.

This persona can then be used if you want to market new game launches, consoles, pre-orders for new gear and more. You may then have a different persona for younger gamers, who may be aged 16 to 19. This persona could be used to market younger, more youthful games, or affordable gear.

Creating Content For Your Audience Personas

If you want to create content for your audience, then you have to know their qualities. Trial and error costs money, but Google Analytics and website metrics help to eliminate the need for this. 

Audience Targeting


It makes it easier than ever to address your potential customer’s interests, segmentation, behavioral patterns, and more. If you can create content that caters to that type of customer, or client, then this will help you to make sure that you are pushing content that resonates with them.

Vala Can Help You Discover And Cater To Your Audience

Audience Targeting

If you need some help making sure that the marketing campaigns and content you are pushing relates to your audience and the goals that they have, then Vala can help.


Vala Marketing will work with you to ensure that you achieve remarkable results in a very short space of time, helping you to rocket your bottom line while maximizing the efficiency of your marketing campaign. Contact us today to start your marketing journey!

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