Careers At Vala Marketing

Open Positions

Video Specialist

Pay: 35k-52k / Year Dependent on experience
At Vala, storytelling is paramount in all of its forms. We’re seeking a videographer to join our team who will work closely with our existing videographer and our account and content managers to create video content for a full spectrum of uses including social media, advertising, corporate use, and presentations. Accountabilities will include planning, storyboarding, coordinating, shooting, editing, animating, and assisting in the development and evolution of our creative process and video offerings. Frequent local and occasional regional travel is required.


  • Experience with video production, both shooting and editing
  • Mastery of the Adobe Suite
  • Excellent teamwork and a collaborative spirit
  • Impeccable written and verbal communication skills
  • Reliable Transportation
  • (Preferred) Graphic Design experience
  • (Preferred) Experience with audio production
  • (Preferred) FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certified
  • (Preferred) Experience managing actors, locations, and sets
  • (Preferred) Experience with customer service and client facilitation
  • (Preferred) Experience with Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube

Account Manager

Pay: 40k / Year + Aggressive Commissions
While we try to avoid the “S” word, this is a sales position. To be more accurate we’re looking for a problem solver. Someone who can find and identify business pain points and prescribe solutions from Vala’s offerings. If you’re a crazy, no-sleep, hustling, pedal-to-the-metal type of person Vala is the company you want to be working for as we continue to explode in growth regionally.


  • B2B Sales and account management experience, preferably in technology or marketing
  • Excellent presentation and public speaking abilities
  • Puts a priority on community involvement
  • Active personal social media presence
  • Excellent customer service
  • Impeccable written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent teamwork and a collaborative spirit
  • Reliable Transportation
  • (Preferred) Experience with CRM softwares
  • (Preferred) Experience with e-mail marketing
  • (Preferred) Experience with project management

Social Media Manager

Pay: 35k+ / Year dependent on experience
Vala’s flagship offering is brand and marketing management, and our Social Media services are a massive part of that. We’re seeking creative, multi-talented individuals with a passion for growth and eyes constantly open for opportunities. This position requires writing, photography, presentation, design, and management, as well as frequent local travel. Not for the faint of heart.


  • Experience with Social Media Management
  • An excellent creative writer with close attention to accuracy and grammar
  • Working understanding of photography basics
  • Mastery of Facebook and Instagram
  • Experience with LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Google’s suite of products
  • Comfortable on camera during live-streams
  • Excellent teamwork and a collaborative spirit
  • Impeccable written and verbal communication skills
  • Working and functional understanding of marketing, sales, and branding
  • (Preferred) Graphic Design experience
  • (Preferred) Customer Service experience

Want on this train?

Vala Marketing seeks to be a bastion for artists, creatives, internet wizards, social media rockstars, marketing renegades, square-pegs-in-round-holes, and critical thinkers to work, thrive, and practice their passion. If you think you can keep up, let’s talk!