The Importance of Great Product Photography

Did you know hiring a marketing agency can be kind of like choosing a team to sponsor in professional racing? If you didn't, you better buckle up for a bumpy analogy!

What is product photography?


Product photography is basically just that – capturing images for use in a content, sponsored posts, paid ads, and a lot more. Think Amazon – you’re scrolling, trying to find the perfect manual coffee bean grinder, comparing prices, features, and shipping times. And while you might not realize it, your brain is constantly comparing the product photos to identify the coffee bean grinder that looks like it’s the highest quality or best fit for your gorgeous pour over coffee set. The better the images, the more likely you are to spend a few extra seconds looking and reading. Here’s an example of how professional product photography often showcases a product. Take a look at this product photo Vala Marketing produced for our client Mindful.

Product photography for brands and products enables your potential customers to make their purchase decision that much faster – as long as the product photos are perfectly lit, staged, cleaned, in focus, edited and cropped, include the appropriate metadata, and on and on. Quick photos shot on an iPhone are fine for a lot of applications, but when it comes to representing your products and brand, make sure you have beautiful images that elevate your brand. Anything less risks diluting your brand identity or injecting a sense of poor quality – just from product photos!

In addition to the basic product listing format, product photography can be used in many different ways. Compelling photos of your products can be used to tell the story of a particular product, how it might fit into the lifestyle of your audience. Another example how you might use product photography in your business is to show the different features and benefits of a product.

To get an idea how quality product photography can be used throughout your brand, check out our Rise ‘N Roll case study here.

Benefits of product photography

Product photography done by experienced, professional photographers can capture the various features of your products and reveal the subtle but important details. Product photographs will often include lifestyle shots, as well as close-up images of the product from different angles and settings.

Product photography isn’t limited to physical goods, either – food and restaurant brands have an enormous opportunity to set their offerings apart through strategic product photography. Here’s a case study of our workin in the development of Dean’s BBQ brand identity and supporting assets.

One benefit of working with professional product photographers is the consistent look and feel throughout your images as they relate to your brand identity. This makes it easier for your customers to find you on search engines and online marketplaces, which can help increase sales. And each one of them at Vala plays a role in the ability of our team to win for our clients.

Why you should hire an agency for professional product photography

If you’re selling products online, it’s important to have high quality, high resolution, web optimized images which represent the product accurately and in a way that reflects your brand.

When you hire Vala Marketing to manage your product photography, you don’t have to worry about staging, lighting, prepping, shooting, editing, or updating the images down the road. Vala photographers are experts at capturing the energy and essence of the client brand they’re shooting products for, and our production team ensures each product photo is consistent, compelling, and representative of the product itself.

Once you’ve received your shiny new product photos, you can use them to drive web traffic and sales by using the images in social media posts, email campaigns, paid ads, and more. If all that just had your heart skip a beat thinking about how little time you already have as it is, don’t sweat it! Not only do we do product photography, Vala Marketing partners with companies to manage all their marketing research, copywriting, social media management, website and e-commerce sites, paid ad campaigns, video content, and a whole lot more.

If you’re ready to make 2022 the year your brand breaks out of the pack, contact us now and let’s hear what you’re planning!


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