What Are Some Critical Social Media KPIs To Track?

If you want your social media campaign to do well, then it is imperative that you track your key performance indicators. This will greatly impact your marketing efforts as well as your incoming leads. If you want to find out more about the metrics you should be tracking and why, then this is the post for you.

Assess Discoverability via Inbound Links

How can you truly be sure that the right people are finding you on social media? One way for you to do this is through your posts. The more that your content is distributed and dispersed, the more your business will shine. It will also be easier for your target audience to find you. If your fan metrics are increasing, so is your reach. Your followers aren’t the only metric you should be tracking here. You should also be measuring the value of your relationships with your followers through their engagements. Look at tags, mentions, comments and likes. Corresponding this with the amount of times someone has mentioned your business is also imperative. When you have the number of mentions, you can then use Google Search Console to look at the inbound links you are getting. This shows how many people are linking to your site or blog. If people are mentioning you on social media, they should be in other places too.

Evaluating Engagement from Interactions

Is your audience at all likely to share your content? When your fans and followers feel motivated to spread your message, you will see that your engagement increases remarkably. Engagement can be in the form of shares, likes, comments, forwards, re-tweets and links. You’ll want to track your social media traffic through Google Analytics if possible. This can be done through Acquisition > All Traffic and then > Channels. From the report, you can see which network is giving you the most traffic, and which sales are coming from which channels.

The Impact of Influencer Marketing

If you want to try and amplify your reach, then you’ll want to bring in some influencers. Look for people who have developed a following that is truly relevant to your company. You have to remember that influencers are not competitors. They are, however, in touch with the market you want to reach. First of all, you have to find influencers who are going to deliver good value. BuzzSumo is the best choice here, before using GroupHigh to maintain those relationships. Use unique UTM coding to determine which ones are driving the most traffic, and how this is converting into leads. If you can do this, you will soon see your social media presence rocket.

If you don’t have the time to work on all of the above points because you are too focused on your business, then we have you covered. Here at Vala Marketing, we are proud to say that we are highly experienced in the world of social media and inbound links. We have the ability to take your site to that next level, and with our help, we are confident you can reach new heights. Click here to learn more.

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