Color Theory: How To Pick The Right Colors For Your Brand

Color is an important part of how people perceive your brand. It's been proven that color can affect the mood of consumers and even their purchases. It's important to know what colors are available for you to use and what they mean.

What’s in a color? Well, a lot, actually. Just as with the company’s logo and other design elements, the color palette of the business will convey the company’s messages, branding, and all-around energy. 

Though it’s often treated as an afterthought, a brand’s color palette can be a powerful signifier that can help to bring new customers on board. Some 85% of consumers say that color plays a big role in their decision-making process, while an even higher percentage say it’s the marketing factor they look for most. 

Those are some pretty compelling figures. In this blog, we’ll take a deeper look at why color and brand consistency are so important, how colors impact your customers, and how to choose the right color scheme that works for your brand.

Choosing A Color Palette

The Power of Color and Brand Consistency

The colors of a brand are important. But it’s arguably the consistent use of those colors that matters the most. Close your eyes and think of McDonald’s colors, and you’ll probably be able to do it. Facebook too, and many others. Now, we’re not saying the success of those companies is solely down to the consistent use of branding, but we’re saying it certainly didn’t hurt.


According to The Touro Law Center, color can improve brand recognition by as much as 80%. 

Colors are an excellent way to communicate with your target audience, and when you’re trying to develop a brand, being consistent in your palette choices is key. By using the same colors throughout your marketing materials, you’ll be drawing the same message to your consumers, which will help you build a strong foundation for your business.

The human brain processes colors faster than any other stimuli. This allows people to understand color-coded information in an instant, which is why it’s so important for businesses to use colors wisely.  When customers see your company’s logo, they’ll associate it with the quality of your product or service. Consistency is key when it comes to branding and if you have a logo that appears on every platform – website, social media, print materials – customers will know that you’re taking the time to stand out from the competition.

How Different Colors Can Affect Your Client’s Mood

Colors have a psychological impact on humans, which is why they’re so useful when it comes to marketing your brand. Different colors can evoke different emotions and reactions in people, which can help you connect with them on a personal level and drive them to take action. By using color in your branding, you can create a sense of warmth or excitement, making your brand more memorable and easier to associate with.

When you think about it, your branding is one of the first things potential customers see. It’s important to think about the message you’re trying to send – whether you’re selling a product or providing a service. 

How different colors can affect your client’s mood

The presence of color can have a significant impact on our mental, emotional and physical states. By using colors that reflect your brand values, you can create a connection with your customers that will help them understand and appreciate what you do. Our reaction to color is subjective, but research has shown that certain colors can trigger certain emotions, dispositions, and behaviors.

Choosing Colors That Work For You and Your Brand

So how do you choose a color that works for your brand? Step one is to establish the essence and energy of your company. What is it that you’re selling? You might be selling luxury or a whimsical and light way of living. Once you know what you want your customers to feel, you’ll be on the right track towards picking a color.

Why color and brand consistency is important

Once you’ve got a good idea of the colors you want to use, it’s time to start creating a mood board. Collect images of the colors you’ve chosen, along with images that embody the feel you’re going for. Once you’ve got a good feel for how the colors will look together, it’s time to add them to your logo design. Be sure to experiment with different color combinations until you find one that works best for your brand.

When you’re picking colors for your business, it’s important to think about what colors your competitors have used and why they were successful. You can’t use the same ones since the whole point of choosing colors is to enhance brand recognition. So, think about what colors make your business stand out, and then find a way to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Take Your Brand To The Next Level

It’s no secret that color has a big impact on how we perceive things. Whether it’s the way we feel when we’re interacting with a product or the overall mood of an environment, color can play a big role in how people perceive our brand. Vala Marketing can help you choose the perfect color palette for your business and help you create a unique look that will set you apart from the competition.

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