Superbowl 2019 – Best Ads

Superbowl 2019 – The Ads

Some of us turn the volume up during the commercial breaks. While the effectiveness of spending 5+ Million dollars on traditional ad spots (For anything other than the media buzz and award ceremonies) is being debated heavily of late, it’s still a lot of fun to see what the best agencies are putting out. Overall things were played pretty safely again this year, in contrast to the strong value signaling we saw in 2017 like the 84 Lumber Wall spot and Budweisers Immigrant ad. Nothing has beaten the 2018 “It’s a Tide Ad” for me, sadly, but there were still some standouts. These are some of my favorite ads from this year.

Get used to Voice and IoT

Amazon does a stand out job showing capabilities and more importantly, continuing to familiarize people with Voice, which despite it’s simplicity is still overwhelming and alien for the consumers we’ve been training to type on small keyboards for years. I for one, think that hot tub was amazing, just tone down the “People launching” and I’m all in.

GOT x Bud Light

Loooooove seeing collaborations. This had brand value with just about everyone tuned in and had a nice twist to the “dilly dilly” we’ve been seeing. I personally would have liked to see someone less esoteric than the Mountain in his zombie-thing-undead form.

Michelob’s “Robots”

I think “I earned it” is a much more common consumer emotional tie than is reported. Beer tries to be fun, tries to be wholesome (Or, less unwholesome I guess?), tries to be funny, tries to be unique, but really this is the answer right? You can do all the things you’re supposed to, but what’s the point if you can’t enjoy yourself too?

Google’s Job Search

My favorite thing about Google creative is their simplicity. This is a very strong message that really hits the mark between esoteric and too loud / strong / preachy. I think this was my favorite ad of the night not just because of how well done it was, but also production wise, really any local business could put something together like this, no special effects, explosions, or superstars. This is how advertising is done.


(DIS)Honorable Mention


This ad was crafted to win awards and generate buzz, not to be effective, and I’m never a fan of this kind of “art”. It’s essentially “ego marketing” in it’s worst form aimed towards other ad agencies. That is also a freaking terrible hashtag. I will let my insanely effective MS Paint skillz demonstrate the issue I take with this.