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Our Story

Vala Marketing was not an idea formed overnight. Our founder’s love of direct, interactive marketing was born alongside the rise of social media. If you were to go back in time and peek over 16-year-old Grant’s shoulder, you would find him utilizing and mastering platforms like Xanga and Myspace. These early experiences promoting bands, venues, and online gaming communities built the foundation of understanding that consumers are drawn to a brand by authentic, quality, engaging, non-interruptive content. In short, building relationships and brand loyalty via social media was the future 10 years ago, and that future is now.

Years later, Vala Marketing was born in April 2016 in a Goshen, Indiana basement with $200 tucked away in an old copy of Don Quixote.

Our Vision

  1. To become a nationwide provider of the highest quality, full spectrum, turn-key marketing solutions to small and medium businesses, startups, events, and places through well-aligned partnerships, concierge level service and support, and a phenomenal suite of offerings from best-in-class teammates.
  2. To provide a bastion for artists, creatives, internet wizards, social media rockstars, marketing renegades, square-pegs-in-round-holes, inventors, and critical thinkers to work, thrive, master, and practice their passion.
  3. To remain consistently on the cutting edge of marketing technologies and innovations and properly identify, listen to, and react to shifts in consumer behavior.

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