Bendix Arena

When Gamers Grow Up

The Venues, Parks, & Arts Department of South Bend, Indiana came to us with a vision of creating an e-sports venue in the old Bendix Theatre at the Century Center. A majority of us being gamers and e-sports enthusiast, this was a match made in heaven. We knew this was the perfect project for us. After uncovering insights and strategizing, Vala went to work on creating a visual identity for what will be Bendix Arena.

Our Approach

After a discovery, research, and a strategy session, we knew that the brand needed to look authentic, cutting edge, and attractive not only to e-sports fans but also to those who would fund the project and city stakeholders. We got to work crafting what this visual identity may look like within these parameters.

The Final Identity

After presenting our concepts, we went with an identity that would delight stakeholders and gamers alike. We thought about how these marks may look on apparel, gaming chairs, monitor graphics, and other touchpoints as they relate to the e-sports industry.

Seen Enough?

The future is now. Let’s get started.

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