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Day Two In The Life Without My IPhone

Day Two In The Life Without My IPhone

My life without a smartphone continues from Day In The Life Without My IPhone: - About 2 am, my wife normally texts me to prepare a bottle of milk for our two month year old. Due to not having the ability to text, and me being deep...


Day In The Life Without My IPhone

We've conducted a few qualitative marketing research projects this last quarter, specifically Marketing with Millennials, and the major consistent factor was that people use their phones or mobile devices much more than a laptop. Initially, I chalked this up to proximity bias, one's phone tends...


6 Sources for Free Stock Photos

Great sources of photography will always be one of the most valuable resources a website designer, advertiser, or community manager has in his or her design quiver. We’ve all seen websites with the tacky neck-down photos of a man in a business suit holding clip-art...