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Open Positions

Account Manager

Account Managers perform the ongoing digital services provided by Vala. This can take many forms, from social media posting, photography, copywriting, email newsletters, and graphic design to planning and managing events, promotions, and advertising for our clients. This is a highly creative position and requires those willing to listen and learn. Do you have thousands of followers on Pinterest? Are an Instagram hero? Do you doodle in your spare time or have a way with words? This might be the perfect position for you. Heart required, experience is extra

WordPress / Graphic Designer

This is not your “average” website development job. Vala Marketing is seeking that rare breed of individual who is equal parts creative and analytical. Vala websites are not re-branded templates and need specific attention and love from someone who can see through the eyes of a user and create a visually stimulating and clearly navigable experience. We are Digital Marketers who develop websites, and our websites have a purpose. We are not web developers who “do marketing” on the side.

This is an entry level position and you will be working under guidance from our current developer while we grow the right person into the job. You will need WordPress and Graphic Design experience, and we would prefer someone who has worked with multiple premium themes and has coding knowledge, but this is not required.

Accepting Applications

Audio / Video Specialist

Vala Marketing is seeking a talented and motivated individual for our Video Production needs. We need someone well versed in gathering and editing both audio and video. You will work closely with the team to come up with and capture a variety of videos for a variety of purposes both internal and for our clients. While the shooting is important, I am really looking for an After Effects (or comparable software) rock star. Someone who can be creative with the editing, follows and lives the trends, and will thrive with the freedom to create amazing videos you would get with Vala. This is not an entry level position, please link your portfolio or previous works when applying

Account Executive

Account executives provide the link between Vala Marketing and our clients. This position entails reaching out and creating relationships, being involved in the community and small business, and maintaining Vala’s relationship with our clients. As an account executive, it is primarily your job to understand and champion our client’s needs and business objectives and liaise with them on a regular, often daily basis.


If you are interested in learning more about an open position or wish to start a conversation, please email your resume and a cover letter to