Vala Method of Marketing

Vala Method of Marketing

Before we jump into the digital deep-end and start slinging cyber sabers at your customers, we get to know your business and look at the Big Picture of what your organization plans on accomplishing.

  • What is your fundamental entity?
  • Are you looking to grow by increasing primary demand or stealing share from competitors?
  • Exactly where will the growth come from?
  • Who are you targeting and how do you plan on dissecting that markets?
  • What’s your brand personality?
  • How did you determine your marketing mix?
  • Is your communication integrated?

Transparent Call-to-Action:

  • Call us for an 18 minute explanation of the Vala Method of Marketing.
AUTHOR: Levi Wilson

As our prime-time MBA business master, Levi can cliche-business-sayings (CBS) battle with the best of them. He is a bit of a visionary, team player, and Value Chain Analysis guru. He maximizes his bandwidth searching to optimize ROI in order to find a win-win/net-net/plug-and-play scenario. When the rubber hits the road, he always finds enough boots to put on the ground. And yes, he knows how to square the circle.
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