Day Two In The Life Without My IPhone

Day Two In The Life Without My IPhone
My life without a smartphone continues from Day In The Life Without My IPhone:
About 2 am, my wife normally texts me to prepare a bottle of milk for our two month year old. Due to not having the ability to text, and me being deep in my work and forgetting the time, my wife had to get out of bed to warm up the bottle. As she passively scolded me, I knew I had to get my phone fixed and soon as possible.
Around 7 am, I awoke without the need of a digital alarm clock, my two year old and two month old daughters make wonderful substitutes for this function. Nonetheless, I still want control on being able to be rattled out of bed at a specific time.
After researching common issues of an iPhone not holding a charge, I decided that I actually have no clue how to fix my phone and called Apple. Wait a second, if my phone doesn’t work, how am I supposed to call someone? The easy answer is to simply use my wife’s phone, but that would be too easy and I wouldn’t learn anything form this situation; moreover, what if her phone didn’t work either? So I decided to use my laptop and call via the internet. I’m a heavy user of Google Hangout for video conferencing, and I had noticed the ability to make calls, so I tested it out. And it worked. I was able to call the local Apple store and have a conversation with an Apple employee via Google Hangout while using my wireless headset. This new found tactic could be useful in the future.
The Apple employee told me that the next available appointment was the next day in the evening. Of course, she knew this was unacceptable, so she told me that I may have some luck by walking in to the local Apple store and see if they could make time for me today. So I planned on doing both; I scheduled the appointment and readied myself to wait a couple hours at the mall
“Call me if you need anything.” I jokingly told my wife on my way out of the door.
As I drove to the Apple store, I decided to not sit in silence this time. I have a radio, but I never used it for two reasons: 1) I always had my phone and could listen to exactly what I wanted to listen to exactly when I wanted, and 2) a little over a year ago I was backing out of my garage, deep in a storytelling conversation with my beautiful wife, and didn’t realize that I still had the garage door opener/closer in my hand. I was building up the story and didn’t realize I had pressed the button to close the door right at the climax. All of a sudden, I heard a click-clack-crunch and saw my antenna ripped offed my car, and it’s been like that ever since. I took my car to a mechanic afterward, and he told me that it would cost $300 to get it fixed. It wasn’t worth it.
I arrived at the Apple store knowing that I would have to wait, and to no surprise, I was scheduled for a tech meeting 2.5 hours later. This was okay, because I had brought my work and laptop with me, and I knew I could access the free internet at Barnes and Nobles. Nothing too exciting happened during this time, but I did people watch and noticed that 90% of the millennial aged mall visitors walked in to the mall with their heads down looking at his or her phone.
After the awaited time, I returned to Apple. The tech took my phone in the back and ran a diagnosis. The verdict was that the pins were not conducting a charge and my phone was completely busted.
I bought a new phone.
Sure, I could have gone home and conducted a robust pricing research project to get the best deal on an iPhone. But I wanted my mobile device immediately, I didn’t want to go another hour without it. So I paid a premium price to immediacy, convenience, and to eliminate the opportunity cost of my research and emotional frustration.
So after two days without my iPhone, I now realize how dependent I am on being constantly connected. This personal marketing research experiment reinforces the idea that inbound marketing theories, mobile marketing tactics, and building a digital marketing campaign that creates an interactive and involved experience for mobile users is of utmost importance to attract one’s target audience attention.
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AUTHOR: Levi Wilson

As our prime-time MBA business master, Levi can cliche-business-sayings (CBS) battle with the best of them. He is a bit of a visionary, team player, and Value Chain Analysis guru. He maximizes his bandwidth searching to optimize ROI in order to find a win-win/net-net/plug-and-play scenario. When the rubber hits the road, he always finds enough boots to put on the ground. And yes, he knows how to square the circle.
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