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Don’t give up your headphone jack

There may come a day when I willfully accept my 3.5 jack is deprecated and it's time to shift towards a new technology. To start: I am not the guy who complains about every new technology and every EOL for every product. I am an avid Windows...


Sell Me This Pen: A Generational Study

"Sell me this pen" "Sell me this pencil" This "test" is about as old as sales themselves. I read one source claim it stems from "Sell me this bowl of crushed berries" and dates all the way back to cavemen. The idea is that in a job interview...


F#@&ing Stop – The Sunk Cost Fallacy

Fucking Stop: Sunk Cost and Escalation of Commitment If you think in dollars signs and decimal points, then at some point you have surely been faced with an investment of resources that is going poorly. Everything seemed great. You were excited about your new widget, it tested...


6 Sources for Free Stock Photos

Great sources of photography will always be one of the most valuable resources a website designer, advertiser, or community manager has in his or her design quiver. We’ve all seen websites with the tacky neck-down photos of a man in a business suit holding clip-art...