Searching The Unknown

In a promotion for Google search, Buzzfeed’s Keith goes to a part of his city that he is unfamiliar with. Once there, he finds a stranger to be his best friend for the day. They then use Google search to decide what to eat, drink, and do within a mile radius.

While watching strangers respond to Keith’s quirkiness makes for a highly entertaining Google ad for Buzzfeed followers, the video also just sums up an average day on the town for many millennials (minus the finding a random new BFF part…for most folks, at least).

The video highlights why SEO matters for restaurants and services in particular. Each activity Keith and his new buddy decide on has to be something that neither of them have done before. They are not typing in the exact name of any business or activity center, because they don’t know they exist yet. They search phrases like, “swimming,” “Mexican food,” and “mojitos”.

In the past, I’ve searched for the things I love from many of our local restaurants here in Michiana, only to find discount stores and restaurant chains pop up instead of my beloved local spot. So when I’m in Goshen, and I search “craft beer and burgers”, the last thing I want to pop up at the top of my Google search is Applebees.

It. Breaks. My. Heart.  

“But Tasha,” you say, “big chains have so much more expendable money than my business! Of course they will come up in a Google search first!”

There are a lot tricks to building a strong SEO, and they don’t have to cost a lot, especially because Google is geared to bring up the most local matches it can find. But if Google can’t find you, it just can’t put you at the top of the list.

January is my first month with Vala. I joined the team because I love our local businesses and Michiana’s entrepreneurial spirit more than anything else (just don’t tell my husband I said that). With that love, comes a desire to let others in on the secret; the secret that Google wants you to be found.

Stop being the best kept secret in town. Just be the best. Then, let Google tell the world.

My name is Natasha Kauffmann and I’m an Account Executive at Vala Marketing. I would love to speak with you about your business. Give me a call at 574.333.7953 and let’s talk!

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